Be Intentional

From the 14 years that I have spent in the fitness space, I can tell you that one of the secrets to success that is never talked about is creating intentionality with your workout.

As a member of a top-notch gym like Detour, some of that intentionality is taken care of for you. Our coaching staff design workouts that all have a very specific intent behind them. Some days, we want you to go heavy and slow, some days we want you to go light and fast, and still other days we want a mixture of the two. The intention behind your workouts is largely taken care of for you as you follow our class programming.

My purpose in writing this little blurb, is less about creating intent with your workout, but more about creating intentionality within your workout. Let me give you an example… earlier this week, our workout was:
Every 4:00 x 16:00
-10 Deadlifts
-12 Lateral Burpees
-60 sec. Max effort on the ski erg or runner

This workout was designed to elicit a certain response from your body… high heart rate, heavy breathing. Every single one of our members achieved that stimulus. However, different members very easily could have chosen different “intent” within this one workout. Perhaps member A wanted to improve their deadlift mechanics and was intentionally going a little lighter on the deadlifts. Perhaps member B was looking to improve their burpee capacity, and was determined to not break up the 12 reps on each round. Member C could have been looking to challenge their pace on the ski or the runner.

You see, while our coaches are here to provide direction and guidance on the purpose behind a workout, you get to choose how you want to INTENTIONALLY benefit from each and every workout.

Trust me, going into workouts with an intent can make a world of difference in your mental approach to challenging efforts.

Keep up the hard work, and keep growing!
-Coach Mitch

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