May Newsletter

Good morning Detour!

Although the weather may not seem like it, we have officially turned the calendars to May and we wanted to take a minute or two to let you know of some things going on in the month of May.

The month of May is going to be a bit of a “transition” period in our programming. Matt is turning over programming responsibilities to Mitch in the month of June, and so you should expect May’s programming to have a little less of a “big-picture” progression than normal. Monday’s work will be built around anterior leg strength and be accompanied by interval based weight training. Tuesday will strength skill work with a focus on the split jerk, and some endurance based conditioning pieces. Wednesday and Saturday will complement each other well over the next 4 weeks as Wednesday will work on clean work, while Saturday’s will feature deadlift strength training time. Wednesday conditioning pieces will focus on mid-range (15-20) pieces. Thursdays will continue to be an optional recovery day or long aerobic based conditioning. Friday will be a fun day built around upper body interval weight training and accessory lifts. Finally, Saturday’s will continue to be partner style workouts along with the before mentioned deadlifts.

Memorial Day Murph – Monday May 30th
9:00am at Detour Athletics
Corn-hole tournament and community cook out to follow workout

Detour Athletics is proud to announce that we have partnered with Working Against Gravity to be able to offer personalized nutrition coaching. Right now, Coach Mitch and Coach Crysta are working on formalizing the process for anyone interested in getting personal attention to work toward their specific goals. If you have interest in being one of our first nutrition clients, please email Mitch directly at
You can expect to see more information regarding nutrition coaching coming your way soon!

The coaching staff has been kicking around ideas of hosting one-day workshops or seminar aimed at refining movements and teaching concepts that don’t always get the attention they deserve in class settings. Examples of these ideas would be things like double unders, kipping pull-ups, understanding cardio machine efficiency, etc… We wanted to gauge the level of interest our community has for events like these. Please take a minute and comment on this post with some things you would like to see offered through a weekend workshop or seminar.

We know that the summer months ahead of us tend to be a time where many people get busy with family functions, vacations, and get-togethers with friends. Our team wants to encourage you to build positive momentum through the month of May by creating sustainable and realistic habits around your workout routine. Commit to YOU this month, and prepare yourself to continue your healthy habits all summer long.