Practice Makes…

Good morning and happy Spring!

It seems the weather is finally turning in our favor and we are heading into a fantastic time of year. By this time of the year, most of us have long forgotten about “New Year’s Resolutions,” and will undoubtedly begin to get overwhelmed by end of school activities, summer vacations, cook outs with friends and family and all of the hustle and bustle that comes with summer fun!

During this transition in the year, I wanted to take a moment and remind you of a simple phrase that I have certainly shared with a number of you during classes. The phrase goes like this:

“Practice makes permanent, not perfect”

I first heard the phrase uttered during a movement and mobility seminar I was attending in 2011, and I am reminded of the phrase on an almost daily occurrence. Inside the structure of a class, this phrase has so many applications. From the approach and attitude you bring to class beginning with the warm-up, to the focus and attention to detail you apply to each of your reps inside of a workout. If we are truly here to develop lifelong fitness, we need to know that our daily practices become permanent… so we better make them count. As an example, if you consistently practice deadlifting with a rounded back, sure enough, you will permanently deadlift with a rounded back. We need to understand this concept, and be focused on practicing quality mechanics in the movements that we execute during our hour… don’t settle for what feels “normal,” but instead always pursue better.

Not only does the phrase apply to the hour that you spend inside of the gym, but you could approach your entire health and fitness pursuit with this mindset. Going into the busy summer months, knowing that things don’t always go according to plan, keep exercise habits and healthy choices part of your daily practice, and sure enough… they will become permanent. Be intentional in the time you make for your fitness pursuits, be disciplined in choosing healthy foods and planning meals ahead of time. These things all add up to create the healthy version of you that you are striving for. If you practice the little things on a daily basis, they will become permanent.

Just some simple food for thought to start your week. Get ready to have a great week at Detour!

-Coach Mitch-

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