Success In The Summer

Memorial Day Murph has come and gone, and we are officially entering into the summer months. We hope that you all have exciting summer plans, and will be looking to take advantage of your fitness by doing things outside of the gym in the weeks and months ahead. It is easy to lose sight of WHY we workout the way we do, but it is so that we have the ability to go explore the world around us, and enjoy all that it has to offer without being concerned about whether or not we are fit enough.

That being said, we know that the summer months can also lead to some disruptions in routines, and leaving feeling like you are losing progress in the gym. I wanted to put together a few things for you to consider that could lead to a summer full of fun and continued success in the gym.

  1. Identify your “non negotiables” – For so many Detour members, summer months mean more activities with kids, more travel for sporting events, and less time to focus on their own pursuits. While these are very much part of our reality, they do not need to be a reason why NOT to exercise. Allow me to give you an example. I have a “non negotiable” in my life that I will workout every time that I travel on an airplane. This isn’t always easy, but it does always pay off. This past winter my wife and I traveled back from the west coast and got back to Minnesota around 4pm on a Sunday after being awake for roughly 24 hours. The last thing I WANTED to do, was go in my garage and get a workout in, but because I had this as a non-negotiable in my life, the decision was already made. I set the timer for 20 minutes, hopped on my assault bike, grabbed my 35 pound dumbbells and got a little fitness in. I didn’t set any records, and honestly didn’t even push that hard, but man I felt better the next day, and know that I got back to my routine easier because of that choice. I would encourage you to identify some REALISTIC non negotiables in your life, and stick to them through the summer months.
  2. Be a positive influence – The summer months tend to give us the opportunity to connect with friends, family and loved ones that we maybe don’t have time for during the school year. I would encourage you to consider your ability to influence and impact the decisions of those around you. Let’s say that you and some family friends are getting together for a weekend trip out of town… I would like to encourage you to be the friend who encourages everyone to stay active during the day. Go for a walk, go explore a local park, rent some kayaks and explore your environment. This position of influence extends to the dinner table as well. Inevitably, there will be a conversation about what to have for dinner. Without being “that guy,” encourage the group to make the healthiest decision possible. You know the value of eating well and food’s impact on how you feel and how much energy you have. Use these summer months to lift up those in your circle of influence and push them toward a path of health and fitness as well.
  3. Identify some fall goals – The summer months always serve as a great “check-in” point for me personally. I tend to spend time checking back on my goals for the year, and where I am versus where I wanted to be. I use this time of year as a chance to re-assess my goals, and re-align my actions to move me toward where I want to be. I would encourage you all to do the same. Make some time on a weekend to identify some things you would like to accomplish during the fall, and into the end of the year. Then ask yourself what your actions will need to be like during these next few months to move yourself toward those goals.

The staff at Detour Athletics fully recognizes and appreciates the value of life outside of the gym, and I am not trying to come across as someone who “has it all figured out.” But I hope some of the suggestions in this post can help you all keep your focus on your health, fitness and well-being during the time of year that causes so many people to fall off the wagon.

As always, keep showing up and keep putting in the work.

-Coach Mitch