Welcome to The Chalk Bucket

It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that the team at Detour Athletics would like to welcome you to what we are calling… The Chalk Bucket.

The Chalk Bucket is our attempt to create a consistent landing page for any and all information relevant to you, our member. We will be using The Chalk Bucket to collect things such as our monthly newsletter, community event announcements and any relevant changes to our services.

Most importantly, we are aiming to use The Chalk Bucket as a place to have an ongoing dialogue about any and all things health and fitness related. The team at Detour Athletics wants to provide you all with the absolute best resources available to enhance your training experience in the gym and support healthy lifestyle habits outside of the gym. We are confident that our team and our connections within the community have an endless amount of knowledge to share with you, and we hope to be able to deliver that through The Chalk Bucket.

We hope that you all will take the time to read, watch, and give thought to the information we share with you here. Our hope is that The Chalk Bucket evolves into more than what we could even imagine right now, and the only way that growth will happen is with shared engagement with you all. Please feel free to comment on, engage with, and share relevant posts you find here.

Our primary goal at Detour Athletics is to serve you all the absolute best experience possible. We believe that The Chalk Bucket has the potential to be one of the more impactful tools in helping you live your best life.

-Mitch Hidden

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