Working Just As Hard At Recovering

Hey Detour Community

I hope everyone is enjoying this sunshine and looking forward to some fun summer months ahead… beginning with Memorial Day Murph next Monday!

As some of you may know, we had a coaches meeting this past Sunday to talk about how we can provide you all with the absolute best service possible. I must say that we have one heck of a fantastic coaching group at Detour and I encourage you all to take advantage of these resources in our community.

While talking about class structure, flow, and time allocation, the topic of mobilizing / stretching / recovering was brought up. I will be the first to admit that I could work to improve my recovery habits, but it got the group thinking of how we could do a better job of supporting all of you in your workout recovery approach.

It goes without saying that recovering from intense exercise is just as important as the effort you put out in the gym; however, we simply run into a time barrier at a certain point. We would love to spend an additional 30 minutes with each class leading them through best practices on recovering from each effort in the gym, but that simply is not realistic.

This topic got my brain stirring, and I’m curious to hear what you all think about the idea of us putting out some recovery tips / videos / guides based on what the workouts have recently been in the gym. This idea is in the early stages, but with enough planning, I’m sure our group of fitness professionals would be able to deliver a top-notch offering.

Your input and suggestions are more than welcome on this topic! Would it be of value to you to have a brief (5-6 minute) video leading you through some recovery exercises on a regular basis?

As always, keep showing up and keep putting in the work.

-Coach Mitch

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