Member Spotlight: Nadia Parkar

We wanted to take a moment and shine a spotlight on one of our newest members Nadia Parkar! Nadia is one of our first members to complete our newly developed On-Ramp program, and has been an absolute pleasure to add to our regular classes. Nadia always bring a positive attitude to class accompanied by a willingness to work hard and be coachable. The team could not be more excited to watch Nadia’s continued development with Detour Athletics.

We hope you will take a moment to learn a little more about Nadia!

Preferred Name: Nadia Parkar

Age: 38

Where did you grow up? Mumbai, India

When did you become a member at Detour? February 2022

What do you when you are not crushing workouts at Detour? I am a software engineer by profession, so I spend most of my time sitting in front of the laptop. This is why working out is so important to me.

How did you find out about Detour? I have some close friends who have been members at Detour for about 2 years.

When or How did you realize Detour was the right fit for you? I tested Covid positive in Dec 2021 and started feeling extremely low on energy. Me being overweight added to other medical issues. I attended a trial class with Detour and that convinced me to join. I was never motivated to workout by myself and since Detour has such amazing group workout plans, it worked for me.

Favorite movement? Deadlifts

Least favorite movement? Lunges

What motivates you to stay active? I feel more energetic and light weight. Staying active helps me maintain good fitness level and an overall healthy lifestyle.

What is something the Detour community does not know about you… yet? I enjoy organizing social and sports events for the local community whenever I can

What advice would you give someone new to Detour? Stay consistent with your workout and never give up. It may look and feel difficult in the initial days but its worth all the pain. Half your battle is won when you walk through the  door, the rest you have to leave it on the amazing coaches to guide you. Joining Detour was my best decision of 2022.

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